Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Despite her brush with death while trekking with the gorillas in the Ugandan jungle, Liz managed to write her first Huffington Post article about our time with the endangered primates. Read an excerpt below or view the full story here.

Gorilla Trekking on the Cheap
By: Liz Zipse
When my husband and I made our list of things we wanted to do on our round-the-world trip, hiking to see the mountain gorillas in Africa didn't make our top 10. With tours costing upwards of $1500 per person (including a required trekking permit of $500-$750, depending on the country) it sounded like a budget buster. Plus, considering visitors are limited to spending only one hour to visit with the massive primates, we felt there could be more rewarding things we could do with our limited dollars.

Yet, the closer we traveled to Uganda and Rwanda, where the majority of the world's mountain gorillas live, the more interested we became, and so we did some research on less costly alternatives to the typical tours. What we found saved us hundreds of dollars...

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