Friday, July 5, 2013


El Salvador's national bird--the Torogoz, aka Turquoise-browed Motmot--keeps an eye out
for unlucky insects flying in its vicinity.
Torogoz hangs out on a highline, catching some rays.
In some countries, the national bird has become a rarely seen endangered species, as with Guatemala's Resplendant Quetzal

It's nice to know that the national bird of El Salvador can be seen throughout the country, almost any day, hanging out on a high line wire in the city or flying through the thick groves of trees. 

How the colorful creature, which is also the national bird of Nicaragua, didn't make this list of Top 10 Most Beautiful National Birds, we have no idea.

These guys have popped up virtually everywhere we've been lately. Forgive us for geeking out a little, but it's been almost as insane as it was for Kip when he got to go to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur's bird parks. Almost.

Learn more about the species here. Or head to El Salvador or any other Central American country and take a look for yourself.

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