Monday, August 27, 2012


What will they think of next? Liz has been fascinated by the numerous styles of toilets we've encountered on this trip--squat toilet with auto flush, automated seat covers, electric heaters. But her recent discovery truly caters to the toilet connoisseur. 

To the right of the bowl can be found the above remote control, complete with volume-adjustable "flushing sound" for the shy, a "powerful deoderizer" for the smelly, and a sprayer with adjustable water pressure for the royal.

This gadget truly is a throne fit for a queen, or anyone who wanders into the ladies' room in this Asian airport. Sorry gents, Kip confirms that these do not exist in the men's room.


  1. Those are Japanese style toilets, and in Japan, they have them for men and women. Japan is toilet crazy!


    1. Ha! Thanks for the comment. On this toilet, it said the "flush sound" was "especially for women." Glad to hear Japan makes it for men too :)

  2. These are available in many places in Japan, you can even get them for your home toilet, starting from about $200. When I first came to Japan, I was confused and amused. but then got used to it. of course available to both men and women. I prefer them in fact, unfortunately, my home doesn't have a plug in the toilet room. so I have to make an outlet to get such a seat.


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