Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Kip...trying hard not to soil himself.
When we got to Railay Beach in southern Thailand and Kip heard about deep water soloing, there was little doubt of what the next few days would involve.

Not that he knows anything about rock climbing. But as he pointed out, it's not every day you get the chance to scale the faces of sheer limestone cliffs, dangling high above jade green waters without ropes or harnesses to hold you back (or up, as Liz pointed out).

Soon after arrival, he signed up for a day trip with one of Railay's climbing companies, of which there are quite a few.

As he quickly learned, there's not a ton of skill required. You pay your fee (about $30 for a day), get a two-minute briefing, and grab a well-used pair of climbing shoes. Then, off you and your group go on a half-hour sailboat ride on the Andaman Sea.

Once at the chosen spot, your instructor points to a rock wall, asks who wants to go first, and off you go. It really is that straight forward.

Two guides were on hand to shout directions to you if you couldn't figure out where to go. "Up" was the most-often heard word of advice. And so, driven on by such professional instruction, up everyone went, until we couldn't go anymore.

It was everything you can imagine and then some. Because you're so terrified when you fall or jump from the cliff face, there's not much pain when you hit the water.

Our deep water soloing guide. He's scared of heights and was terrified to climb without ropes. Seriously.
Our climbing group. Kip's in white shorts. Our fearless guide (black shorts) hugs the stalactite below him to the left.


  1. OK that video is ridiculous.

  2. Sweet video. Reminded me of the opening scene of Mission Impossible. What happened after the video stopped? Liz, where were you? I would have been in the boat watching it all.


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