Sunday, February 9, 2014


C'mon, you knew Feb 10-16 was Random Acts of Kindness Week, right? Thought so. 

A girl gives Kip a hand in the Philippines.
Yes, this really is a week-long event. Do you already have a good deed planned? Well, if so, you're doing it wrong! 

This week is about paying attention, staying alert, and keeping your eyes open for opportunities to give back whenever they present themselves. 

In many ways, it's a big part of what 1 of 7 is all about. We're all busy people. We may not have time every week for a pre-planned volunteer activity. 

But that should never stop us from finding a way to do some good in the world and making philanthropy -- acts of goodwill to others -- a regular part of our lives. 

If you're hard up on "random" ideas, there are plenty of places to look, including this website, as well as here and here

This week, keep your eyes open. Be ready to be randomly kind. You'll know when the opportunity presents itself. It's one of the very best parts about being human. And it's in every one of us. Sometimes we just need a contrived holiday or a well-meaning website to remind us.

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