Friday, May 10, 2013


Observing animals in the wild, you get to see animals doing odd things. 

Until now, we never remember seeing a photo or video of a giraffe running at full gallop before. It's as uncoordinated-looking a thing as you've ever seen. But once they get their neck and flopping legs into it, they can really fly, as we observed when the adult male above sprinted across the road in front of our Landrover. 

Crazy. Wanna see some more crazy? Here's a photo Friday bonus:

Hippos use their short little tails to mark their territories by showering their fresh feces all over the place. Even when swimming with close friends. And no one seems to care. 
Elephants drink water late at night. And from the same source as people camping nearby do. 
Lions are just big, hairy cats. And they like to roll around and stretch like their domesticated cousins.
Cape buffalo skulls are huge. Camping is dangerous. Kip needs a haircut. Seriously.

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