Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Rouging it in celebration of three months on the the "hilltop" pool of the Demai Beach Resort in Borneo.
We like to celebrate stuff. You're shocked, no doubt.

To mark three months of us being on the road, and to leave Borneo in style, we decided to splurge on a nice hotel. But not just any nice hotel. This one was an actual resort (very unlike the "jungle resort" dormitory in Mulu), complete with AC, satellite TV, hot water, fresh towels, a clean beach and even a pool with a view and a waterfall. And as one of its activities for guests, in typical Bornean fashion, staff was on hand to teach visitors how to shoot a blow gun. 

We arrived way before check-in. We left the next day well after check out (ok, maybe we lounged at the pool until we were "asked" to leave, but we had to take it all in!). 

Life's hard on the road. No really!

Big thanks to everyone who made this incredible luxury possible: Harold "H" M, Momma Z, Aimee, Lori M, Mrs. Joyce P, Eliza "Lil" V, Dan S, Brian T, Nikki Nik G, Monica H, Lindsay N, Jessica R, and Kacey C. 

Next update from Laos, land of the kip.

Mandatory gratuitous swimsuit photo. Try to ignore Liz's farmer tan.
Playing in the waterfall.
Stuntman Kip, as always, takes a dive into the shallow end.
Enjoying the hilltop pool.  There were 1000 steps to get up there.
Only after we arrived did we realize there was a shuttle...typical rookie mistake.
This is what side of the fence you end up on when you have to leave the resort.

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  1. Soooooooooooo nice! Gotta splurge every now and then, right?


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